Brada Dishwasher Review

Retailer brands tend to offer features similar to the big brand names, providing a less expensive, ‘knock-off’ model.

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The Brick furniture stores carry Brada dishwashers, a low cost product line with impressive standard features, but less than impressive consumer reviews.

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Who Makes Them?

Samsung manufactures a variety of home appliances with the Brada name, including microwaves, freezers, fridges, and laundry appliances. Quality assurance practices include a complete product assessment, incident monitoring and gathering customer feedback.

Common Issues

Be informed by reading reviews of this appliance brand before adding it to your virtual shopping cart. Remember you’ll get what you pay for. Reliability is questionable and many consumers have found it difficult to source parts for this retail store-brand.

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Common faults include a broken dishwasher door, leaks in the attached water lines and error codes shutting down operation mid-cycle. The lifespan of a Brada model appears to be significantly less than other brands.

Common Features

Many come with stainless steel corrosion-resistant washtubs. Ideal for use with hard water, stainless steel dishwasher components also wear longer and resist chipping.

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Brada’s built in dishwasher models provide space for fourteen place settings, and feature nylon coated dish racks. Look for various rack designs and options, including adjustable racking components. Brada makes portable and built in dishwasher models, and claims to provide best-in-class sound performance.

Where to Buy Brada Appliances

Brada dishwashers come with lower price tags, often hundreds of dollars less than comparable models from big name brands like Maytag or Frigidaire.

Shop for new Brada dishwashers at the Brick’s website – This site carries portable and built in models, including the high-end stainless steel tall tub model. Compare the prices of Brada models with others on sale at the Brick and you’re bound to be tempted.

Used Brada Dishwashers

You can find appliances even cheaper than those available at Browse through your local kijiji website for used Brada portable dishwasher models, where you can expect to pay about half of the new sticker price for a used dishwasher between one and two years old.

These are  affordable appliances that provide decent features and mid to low-level performance. Always weigh the wisdom of purchasing a cheaper, low quality appliance against investing in a model of greater durability and higher quality.

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